Payment Options

Logan Law Firm PLC accepts the following methods of payment:

Credit/debit card—Let us know if this is your preferred payment method, and we will send you an e-bill for you to enter debit or credit card information at the website of our merchant services provider (LawPay). This is a very secure credit card/debit card payment method.

Wire Transfer: We will provide wire transfer instructions by email or fax upon request. Call us at 1-602- 957-9320, ext. 1, or send an email request for the wire instructions to [email protected]  

Zelle:  send funds to [email protected]

PayPal:  send funds to [email protected]

Check:  A check should be made payable to ‘Logan Law Firm PLC. We do not wait to start working on your opinion until the check is received.  Mail the check to:

Logan Law Firm PLC
4647 N. 32nd Street
Suite B-205
Phoenix, AZ 85018-339

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