Refund Policy

We agree to make immediate, good faith efforts to resolve any complaint about our services. We will make our best efforts to issue an opinion letter no later than midnight on the business day following the business day on which complete and accurate information and documents are received by us. If the client requests a refund before substantial services are provided, we will promptly refund any advance fee that was paid. If any opinion letter contains any errors that are our responsibility, we will issue a revised opinion at no additional charge. Our firm is entitled to rely upon the accuracy of information provided by seller and its broker.  If errors in the opinion are the result of inaccurate information provided by the broker or the client, the cost of revising the opinion will be the responsibility of the client.

Please note: it is possible that an issuer may decline to accept an accurate and complete Rule 144 opinion letter regarding a proposed transaction. There can be many reasons, some of which may violate federal or state laws, for an issuer to refuse to approve the removal of a Rule 144 legend.  The issuer’s actions may be beyond the control of any law firm that issues a Rule 144 opinion letter.  We will assist you to find an experienced securities litigation attorney in the state where suit must be brought if it appears that the issuer has improperly refused to authorize the stock transfer agent to remove the restrictive legend and litigation is necessary to enforce your rights.

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